Baron Soccer

1972 Baron Soccer won the state championship and finished with the most wins in BHS history.

Top Teams:
  1. 1972 - 13-1 (.928), state champion, most wins in BHS history
  2. 1968 - 10-0-1 (.954), state champion, highest winning percentage in BHS history
  3. 1971 - 11-1-2 (.821), state champion
  4. 1969 - 8-1-1 (.850, tie)
  5. 1977 - 8-1-1 (.850, tie)
  6. 1979 - 8-1-1 (.850, tie)
  7. 1976 - 10-2 (.833)
  8. 1970 - 9-2 (.818)
  9. 1980 - 8-2 (.800)
  10. 1974 - 9-2-1 (.791)
  • Steve Alhadeff (All-State, All-Region, Emory University)
  • John Birch (Emory University)
  • Scott Bracewell (All-State, All Region, All-County)
  • Larry Carter (All-State, All Region, All-County)
  • Ken Dowd (Georgia State University)
  • Donnie Goldstein (All Region)
  • David Griffin (Berry College)
  • Tommy Malone (All-County)
  • Billy Light (All-State, Atlanta Chiefs Soccer Booster Club All Star, Georgia State University)
  • David Moore (Hartwick College, DeKalb County Most Valuable Player, All-County)
  • Stephen Moore (Western Carolina University)
  • Randy Pearson (All-County)
  • Clay Purser (All-County)
  • Doug Rockett (All-County)
  • Jay Smith (All-County)
  • Howard Soriano (Duke University)
  • Moe Soriano (All-Region, Emory University)
  • Nicky Strange (Atlanta Chiefs Soccer Booster Club All Star)
  • David Taylor (Atlanta Chiefs Soccer Booster Club All Star, State Tournament Most Valuable Player, University of North Carolina)
  • Bill Vlass (All-County, Georgia State University)
  • John Jones (1968) - state championship, 10-0-1.
  • Tally Johnson (1969-1975) - 2 state championships, 57-8-7
  • John Shughart (1975) - 6-3-1.
  • Jim Adamson (1976-1979) - 22-9-1
  • Jack Nicks (1979-1986) - 39-41-9
  • Joe O'Neal (1987) 7-5-1
Soccer Timeline:

1968 Baron Soccer finished 10-0-1 (only undefeated team in BHS history), won the county and region championships, and tied for the state championship by defeating Bass and Westminster and tying North Springs.
1969 Baron Soccer finished 8-1-1.
1970 Baron Soccer finished 9-2 and advanced to the state playoffs where they were defeated by North Springs (the reigning state champion).
1971 Baron Soccer finished 11-1-2 and tied for the state championsip by defeating Forsyth County, Wills, and Druid Hills, then tying Darlington. The team featured David Taylor (Atlanta Chiefs All Star, State Tournament Most Valuable Player, University of North Carolina) and Nicky Strange (Atlanta Chiefs All Star).
1972 Baron Soccer finished 13-1 (most wins in BHS history) and won the state championship by defeating North Fulton, Westminster, Marietta, and Druid Hills. The team featured Scott Bracewell, (All State, All Region, All County), Larry Carter (All State, All Region, All County), Steve Alhadeff (All State, All Region, Emory University), Billy Light (All State, Atlanta Chiefs All Star, Georgia State University)Donnie Goldstein (All Region), and Moe Soriano (All Region, Emory University).
1973 Baron Soccer finished 7-1-2 and featured Scott Bracewell (All County), Larry Carter (All County), Jay Smith (All County) and Bill Vlass (All County).
1974 Baron Soccer finished 9-2-1, advanced to the state playoffs where they defeated Cedar Shoals, were defeated by Westminster, and featured Tommy Malone (All County), Randy Pearson (All County), Doug Rockett (All County), and Bill Vlass (All County).
1975 Baron Soccer finished 6-3-1.
1976 Baron Soccer finished 10-2, was named DeKalb County Team of the Year, advanced to the state playoffs where they were defeated by Darlington, and featured David Moore (All County, County Most Valuable Player, Hartwick College), Tommy Malone (All County), Clay Purser (All County), John Birch (Emory University), and Bill Vlass (Georgia State University).
1977 Baron Soccer finished 8-1-1 and advanced to the state playoffs where they were defeated by state champion Decatur.
1978 Baron Soccer finished 4-6.
1979 Baron Soccer finished 8-1-1 and featured David Griffin (Berry College).
1980 Baron Soccer finished 8-2 and featured Ken Dowd (Georgia State University) and Howard Soriano (Duke University).
1981 Baron Soccer finished 0-6-4 and featured Stephen Moore (Western Carolina University).

1982 Baron soccer finished 4-6.
1983 Baron Soccer finished 4-5-1.
1984 Baron Soccer finished 3-10.
1985 Baron Soccer finished 5-6-2.

1986 Baron soccer finished 7-5-1.

1987 Baron Soccer finished 6-7.
Baron Girls Soccer Timeline: 
1981 Baron Girls Soccer
1982 Baron Girls Soccer finished 2-6-1.

1983 Baron Girls Soccer finished 5-5.

1984 Baron Girls Soccer finished 5-5.

1985 Baron Girls Soccer finished 5-6-2.

1986 Baron Girls Soccer finished 5-7.
1987 Baron Girls Soccer finished 6-7.

Mary Mecom was the first and only girls soccer coach in school history.  After Briarcliff merged into Druid Hills in 1987, she became head coach at Druid Hills today ranks among the girls soccer coaches with the most wins in DeKalb County.

College Players:
  • Helen Lord (Georgia State)
  • Renee Ridgeway (Berry)
  • Richelle Barksdale (Georgia Tech)
  • Mary Van Buren (Vermont)