Baron Cross Country

1983 Baron Cross Country finished 2nd in state (best in BHS history).

Top Teams:  
  1. 1983 Boys - 2nd in state (finished state meet tied for 1st; lost on tiebreaker).
  2. 1982 Boys - 2nd in state.
  3. 1978 Girls - 3rd in state.
  4. 1963 Boys - 3rd in state.
  5. 1965 Boys - 9th in state.
  6. 1964 (Tie) Boys - 10th in state.
  7. 1966 (Tie) Boys - 10th in state.
  • James Lentz became in 1961. The 1963 team finished 3rd in state and undefeated in the regular season.
  • Fred Powell became coach in 1964. His team finished 10th in state, 1st in region, 1st in county, and finished with a 10-1 record in the regular season.
  • James Rentz became coach in 1965. His team finished 9th in state and 4th in county.
  • Ray Hambrick became coach in 1966 and his team finished 10th in state.
  • Thomas McAlpine became coach in 1970.
  • Thomas Neal became coach in 1972.
  • Gerald Jabaley became coach; his 1978 girls team finished 3rd in state and 1st in county.
  • Rob English became coach in 1979.
  • Ken Meyer became coach; his 1982 finished 2nd in state.
  • Robert Nowell became coach in 1983, and that team finished 2nd in state.
  • Mike Howard became coach in 1986

1961 Baron Cross Country.
1962 Baron Cross Country.
1963 Baron Cross Country finished 3rd in state, 1st in county, and undefeated in the regular season.
1964 Baron Cross Country finished 10th in state, 1st in county, and 10-1 in the regular season.

1965 Baron Cross Country finished 9th in state and 4th in county. Bill Calhoun won the county championship.

1966 Baron Cross Country finished 10th in state and 5th in county.
1967 Baron Cross Country.

1968 Baron Cross Country.

1969 Baron Cross Country finished 1-5.

1970 Baron Cross Country.

1971 Baron Cross Country finished 4-7.
1972 Baron Cross Country.
1973 Baron Cross Country.
1974 Baron Cross Country.
1975 Baron Cross Country.
1976 Baron Cross Country. Claudia Escribano finished 3rd in state.
1977 Baron Cross Country.
1978 Baron Cross Country. Girls Cross Country finished 3rd in state 1st in county.
1979 Baron Cross Country.
1980 Baron Cross Country.

1981 Baron Cross Country boys finished 5th in county.
1982 Baron Cross Country boys finished 2nd in state, 3rd in region, 4th in county and 1st in the Hapeville Invitational. Baron Girls Cross Country finished 3rd in region and 2nd in the Hapeville Invitational.
1983 Baron Cross Country boys finished 2nd in state, 2nd in region, 4th in county, and 7-3 in the regular season.  The team featured Dan Nisbet (2nd in state) and Paul Clement (3rd in state). BHS finished the state meet tied for 1st. Coach Robert Nowell explained, "To break a tie you go to the 5th place runner. In this case Lovett's 5th place runner passed Briarcliff's 5th place runner just a few feet from the finish line." Baron Girls Cross Country finished 3rd in region, 7th in county and 6-3 in the regular season.

1984 Baron Cross Country runner Dan Nisbet finished 6th in state and 4th in region. Baron girls cross country finished 5th in county.