Baron Tennis

1969 Barons Tennis featured five state champions (best in BHS history).

State Champions:
  • Ginny Montgomery (state champion, 1967)
  • Kathy Rudolph (state champion, 1967)
  • Janet Brown (state champion, 1969)
  • Ed Campbell (state champion, 1969)
  • Betty Morgan (state champion, 1969)
  • Larry Powell (state champion, 1969)
  • Nina Powell (state champion, 1969)
  • Clyde Steen became coach in 1963.
  • Barbara Landers became coach in 1966.
  • John Jones became coach in 1967, won the girls region championship that year and coached 7 state championship players.
  • Gerald Jabaley became coach in 1970 and coached 22 state-ranked players. 
  • Barbara Mayfield coached the final Barons tennis teams in 1987.

1963 Baron Tennis.

1964 Baron Tennis. State-ranked Barons were Susan Hobbs (Quarterfinalist), Ann Woodfin and Linda King (First Round). 

1965 Baron Tennis. State-ranked Barons included were Ann Woodfin (Semifinalist), Linda Williams and Lenore Druckenbrod (First Round).

1966 Baron Tennis. State-ranked Barons were Linda Williams and Ginny Montgomery (Semifinalists), Kathy Rudolph (Quarterfinalist), Jeff Carstens and Ned Campbell (First Round).

1967 Barons Tennis. Kathy Rudolph and Ginny Montgomery won the doubles state championship and Becky Morgan was state-ranked (Semifinalist). Girls won the region championship, with Kathy Rudolph and Ginny Montgomery winning the doubles region championship.

1968 Baron Tennis. State-ranked Barons were Janet Brown (Semifinalist), Ginny Montgomery and Becky Morgan (Semifinalists). Girls won the region championship, with Janet Brown winning the region singles championship and Ginny Montgomery and Becky Morgan winning the region doubles championship. Boys doubles team Ned Campbell and Terry Powell placed 2nd in region.

1969 Baron Tennis. Betty Morgan and Nina Powell won the doubles state championship, and Janet Brown won the singles state championship. Larry Powell and Edward Campbell won the doubles state championship.

1970 Baron Tennis: State-ranked Barons were Barbara Rushia and Janet Brown (Quarterfinalists) and Larry Powell and Norman Schinning (Finalists).

1971 Barons Tennis. State-ranked Barons were Karen Kefauver and Carolyn Bell (Finalists) and  Janet Brown (Semifinalist). Girls won the region championship.

1972 Baron  Tennis.

1973 Baron Tennis.

1974 Baron Tennis.

1975 Baron Tennis.

1976 Baron Tennis.

1977 Baron Tennis.

1978 Baron Tennis.

1979 Baron Tennis. State-ranked Barons were Jan Dorfman and Meg Zimmerman (Semifinalists), Teri Merlin and Amanda Smith (Quarterfinalists), Betsy Steinhaus (Quarterfinalist) and Jeff Brickman (Semifinalist).

1980 Baron Tennis. State-ranked Barons were Katherine Ansley and Polly Dowell (Quarterfinalists).

1981 Baron Tennis.

1982 Baron Tennis.

1983 Baron Tennis. State-ranked players were Melissa Berl and Donna Schwartz (Quarterfinalists).

1984 Baron Tennis.

1985 Baron Tennis. State-ranked Barons were Cheryl Barksdale (Semifinalist), Michelle Kutner and Donna Schwartz (Semifinalists). Girls finished the season 7-1. Boys  finished the season 5-3.

1986 Baron Tennis.

1987 Baron Tennis.